19 Year Old Tisloh Danboyi Debuts Menswear Line Equipped with Elegance and Simplicity

PRIMA PARS by T I S L O H D A N B O Y I from Tisloh Danboyi on Vimeo.

Operating from London, the self-taught fashion designer, Tisloh Danboyi, has finally released the first glimpse into his fall/winter 2018 menswear collection, Prima Pars. Danboyi drew the inspiration for this line from reading one of Thomas Aquinas’ most notable works, Summa Theologica. Summa is a compilation of the major teachings of the Catholic Church that dates all the way back to the 1200’s. It was revered as one of the more important pieces of literature throughout history. Danboyi even goes as far as to use the text “ARCHE” on one of the t-shirts in the collection which loosely translates into origin of that which exists.

The collection contains a comfortable variety of pieces to peruse through. Two 100% cotton t-shirts, one 100% cotton short sleeve polo, 70% cashmere, 30% wool blend sweater, 100% Cotton French terry hooded pullover, and a 100% cotton open leg heavy pair of sweatpants are included in this collection. All of those pieces are made in England.

Subtlety seems to be a characteristic of the elegance displayed in the collection. The text, “Love, bites.” can be found on one of the t-shirts, the polo shirt as well as the sweater. At first glance of the polo shirt, one could easily oversee the text with the sleek black on black color choice. The other two tops have the maxim displayed less cryptically but maintain the sophisticated style.

The last two pieces in the collection are a couple of the most memorable here. The slim fit trousers matched with extremely fine velour side stripe panels makes this an essential companion with any other piece in the set. The hoodie can easily be marked the boldest piece here. This pullover is equipped with an eye-catching floral design hand embroidered onto the dark fabric. Despite the almost extreme contrast in color the sweatshirt still manages to keep an element of decorousness.

Danboyi’s full website can be found here and his instagram can be found here.

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